Emily bounced up and down to the unvarying tempo of her song. Her body was soaked up in sweat and her tracksuit was plastered to her body. She breathed heavily as she rubbed her mouth against her sleeve. This cheerful and sprightly walk always made her feel refreshed and revived. Sunlight tinctured the sky multiple shades of blue and grey. A strong body was once used to be an indication of either extravagant exercise or a professional sportsperson. Now it has become more of a necessity. Emily was once used to be a desk-jockey living her life on caffeine, hankering sugar and fat. She always wrestled against bulge and bought magazines that embarrassed her and merchandised her addictions at the same time. Now the same fat is all muscles. She achieved all this by extensive workouts and strenuous exercise in her home gym.


The gym is beautifully crafted using rubber mats. Hard floor surfaces such as wood are not only uncomfortable to the touch but also do not offer a high degree of cushioning and shock-absorbance. Without a proper cushioning, the forces and pressure created by the movements are absorbed into bones and joints instead. The use of rubber does not exert excess pressure on muscles and prevents the build up of stress, making the exercise and workouts more functional and productive. Rubber mats are sturdy enough to stay intact and retain their shape when applied with intensive force. The flexible and versatile mats can be rolled and transported as required. They enable a quick and convenient installation. The slip resistant surface guarantees fall protection and keeps the potential injuries to a minimal. Apart from protecting the body from any harm, the gym mats also safeguard the floors from scratches and rubbing that might result from persistent physical movements.


Obesity is an issue worldwide that is influencing and affecting a large proportion of population. Although we cannot ignore this fact, we can definitely make a change ourselves by taking care of our own health. Setting up a home gym is easy and all it requires is rubber gym mats and some fitness equipment and appliances. It is a sensible and proficient investment for the health and fitness of all your family members. The rubber gym flooring is hard wearing and they offer a longer lasting durability and strength. They assist in the maintenance of an enthusiastic and exuberant environment keeping you engaged in the art of dynamism.